Virtual Viewings

A New Way To Experience Property


Complete virtual tours of your properties, viewable on computers, tablets, phones, and even virtual reality headsets.

Show your customers multiple properties in virtual reality using your smart phone and a virtual reality headset supplied to you by Virtual Viewings, or simply add the virtual tours to your website or other website listings to allow anyone to view a property from anywhere in the world.


Cost Effective With the average British house costing just over £218,000 a virtual viewing will cost around 0.045% of the house value with up to 10 areas at only £100 + VAT.

No Upfront Costs You only pay for the service when your property is sold, let or taken off the market with the booking estate agent.

Fully Inclusive Service We take care of everything from the photography to providing your estate agent with a link to add to your property listing.

No Ongoing Cost We will host all of your virtual tours, accessible by anybody at any time using the link supplied, there will be no ongoing costs.

Convenience Photography typically takes between 20 and 40 minutes, and is arranged for a date and time to suit you.

Only Qualified Physical Viewings You will only have to allow people into your property for a physical viewing who have already taken a virtual tour and decided they are interested in the property

Greater Exposure Allow people who wouldn’t have gone to view your property to take a virtual viewing, how many potential buyers or renters have you missed out on because the pictures just don’t do your property justice?

Accessible From Anywhere Simply send a link to any interested parties and they can view the virtual tour anywhere in the world.

Save TimeAllow customers to view many properties virtually before deciding which properties to view in person.

Save MoneySave the staff costs and expenses of taking customers to view multiple properties.

Filter Out Non Serious ViewersNo more nosy neighbours requesting a viewing, wasting your time and costing you money.

More Interest In PropertiesPhotos just don’t do many properties justice, losing you potential buyers or rentals, with a simple virtual viewing you can capture people who may have not gone further that browsing the properties photos.

Quick ProcessPhotography typically takes between 20 and 40 minutes, and we aim to provide the final virtual tour within 3 working days of the photography being completed.

Increase Your Viewings To Offers RationWith only physical viewings from people who have already taken a virtual viewing and liked the property, reduce the number of physical viewings before an offer is received.

Fully Inclusive ServiceWe take care of everything from the photography to providing a simple link for you to paste into your website to display the virtual viewing.

Free Hosting Of Your Virtual ViewingsWe will host all of your virtual tours, accessible by anybody at any time using the link supplied.


Book Your Virtual Tour

Your estate agent books your virtual tour via their virtual viewings dashboard.

We Carry Out The Photography

We will take the images we need to put together the virtual tour, this typically takes 20 to 40 minutes.

The Photos Are Processed

We process the photos into a fully VR ready virtual tour within 3 working days.


The virtual tour is delivered to your estate agent to be viewed by anybody, anywhere in the world.


Enter the number of areas you wish to include in the virtual tour for an instant quote

You can only book a Virtual Viewings tour through one of our estate agent partners

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